Trick or treat?

Maybe Halloween wasn’t a good day to present our Training Center to our colleagues here at GESIS, but thankfully there were no horror stories (although we are always interested in gory data management tales). The aim was twofold. First, we needed to make our role more widely known within the GESIS organization. Second, we want to draw upon the world leading expertise that is present in other GESIS departments, and bring them into our training and resources. Our approach was simple: to introduce our team, the resources we draw upon, our work doing RDM training, our plans to do long-term digital preservation training, and to identify areas where the Training Center can work with our colleagues in the GESIS data archive.

If you are interested in our presentations, they are available via Prezi (warning…may induce motion sickness).

However, I want to concentrate on some of the points that were raised in the concluding discussion, and ask if anyone reading can relate? Especially anyone who provides an institutional support service.

There was a broad feeling that we, the Training Center, can help the GESIS archive with its own archiving workflow. Essentially, bringing in all the knowledge and resources we have gathered from the RDM and archive community, and help the archive with suggestions as to how it can improve its own workflow and transparency. That, in turn, will inform our own wider training activities.

GESIS is in itself a leading figure in key research data management/archiving activities like persistent identifiers and metadata, but the good work within projects GESIS is active in may not be transmitted to wider communities, and this is somewhere where we can possibly help. Communication, and education, through training and resources is essentially what we do, and we can do a better job on behalf of our host institute.

GESIS as a long standing archive and active research institute is really in a great position to integrate the worlds of research and digital preservation. If we can help clarify an understanding between what researchers do, and expect, and what archives want, and need, then that is good. Both communities benefit.

These were the general observations, there were a few more specific internal suggestions that may become visible of the next few months, but why spoil the surprise by telling you now?


About CESSDA Training

CESSDA Training offers and coordinates training activities for CESSDA, the Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives ( Hosted by the GESIS - Leibniz Institute for Social Sciences, our center promotes awareness throughout the research lifecycle of good research data management practice and emphasizes the importance of long-term data curation.
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